SEAPAX is a group of former Peace Corps volunteers dedicated to improving international understanding at all levels. We aim to fulfill the 3rd goal of the Peace Corps: Bringing the World Back Home. We draw on the lessons we have learned from living in the two-thirds world to promote increased understanding of the social, political and economic circumstances, as well as the global interdependence, of people worldwide. A complete mission statement is available on the home page.

If you need to contact one of the SEAPAX officers, consult the contacts list for phone numbers and email addresses.

The SEAPAX operates its programs through funding by memberships and fundraising, and prior years' activities can be viewed in our annual financial report.

The group's by-laws are available for review (in .DOC format).

We try to keep regular minutes of the periodic meetings of the SEAPAX board and of the regional meeting. If you have any issues you would like to be brought up at these meetings, please contact one of the officers.