Jan 18, Eats Out, Shalimar

Jan 26, Regional PC Meeting, Olympia

Jan 29, Pub Night, The Elysian

Feb 10, General meeting, home of Annette and Michael

Feb 15, Eats Out, May Thai Restaurant

Feb 26, Pub Night, Flowers

Mar 9, Eats Out, Naan-N-Curry

Mar 25, Pub Night, Stellar Pizza

Apr 18, Eats Out, Guanaco's Tacos

Apr 29, Pub Night, Beveridge Place Pub

May 3, Regional Meeting, Seattle

May 4, Peace Corps Expo, SPU, Seattle

May 27, Pub Night, Wedgewood Ale House

June 1, General meeting and potluck, home of Megan Horst