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SEAPAX now offers social networking on the web, with its own Facebook site. Thanks to SEAPAX Secretary Megan Horst, you can stay in touch with fellow RPCVs around the clock. To get started, just log in to an existing account at, or create a new account. Then enter "SEAPAX" in the search box, and start communicating.

Global Washington

Global Washington is a new organization that aims to build a WA state network for all those involved with development issues, at home and abroad. Their website features a directory of WA global interest organizations, a newsletter, research reports on development topics, and links to community calendars listing international-focus events.

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Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index was founded by Steve Killelea, an Australian international technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. It forms part of the Institute for Economics and Peace, a new global think tank dedicated to the research and education of the relationship between economics, business and peace. This project has approached the task on two fronts - the first aim is to produce a scoring model and global peace index that ranks 140 nations by their relative states of peace using 24 indicators. The indicators have been selected as being the best available datasets that reflect the incidence or absence of peace, and contain both quantitative data and qualitative scores from a range of trusted sources. The second aim is to use the underlying data and results from the Global Peace Index to undertake investigations into the relative importance of a range of potential determinants or "drivers" that may influence the creation and nurturance of peaceful societies, both internally and externally.

Cultural Guides

Seattle Convention & Visitors Bureau has created the Cultural Guides project to encourage visitors to explore Seattle's unique cultural heritage by visiting museums, festivals, heritage sites, neighborhoods and other featured destinations. The Cultural Guides are available for download on the CVB's Cultural Tourism web site, along with more information about featured sites and additional heritage resources for visitors and residents. The project is a work in progress; more titles will be added to the series which now includes Native American, Asian American, and African American guides.

Eating only locally-grown,seasonal foods is a way of life in the two-thirds world, but no longer so in "developed" countries like the US. But relying on food from afar has social, environmental and political impacts worldwide. 15 Americans from across the country are participating in the Locavore Nation weblog project, to see what it takes to live by a regionally based diet. SEAPAX' own Paulette Thompson is part of the contingent sharing their experiences online.

The Mixed Heritage Center website was created by the MAVIN Foundation with the Association of MultiEthnic Americans to offer "a clearinghouse of information relevant to the lives of people who are multiracial, multiethnic, transracially adopted or otherwise affected by the intersection of race and culture." It is an interactive site that invites readers to contribute content and exchange ideas. The significant cross-cultural impact of Peace Corps on the personal lives of Volunteers is a topic as yet to be added to this new site.

The Food Pyramid was created as a an educational tool to show people which foods, and how much of them, they need to eat each day for a healthy diet. Traditionally the food pyramids (which replaced the old diagrams of the Basic Food Groups in the '90s) reflected only the Standard American Diet. Now there have been food pyramids created for specific national, regional, ethnic, historical, and ethical diets, including the following:

Essential Health Links (EH-Links) is a brand-new website meant to serve as a gateway to carefully evaluated and expertly vetted medical, scientific, and public health websites for health professionals, medical library communities, universities, students, publishers, and NGOs in developing and emerging countries The site is a service of AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology, which began offering information and education to health workers in developing countries via satellite in 1988, and was one of the first to set up e-mail lists for this purpose. In 2006, SATELLIFE merged with the Academy for Educational Development, a non-profit international development organization. Their work now reaches users in more than 120 countries. is a new website developed by Dr. Quintard Taylor, Jr., a UW professor of history. He and a team of more then 150 volunteers have researched, written and authenticated entries for what has become one of the most comprehensive Internet sites for African American history. Included are reference materials for the general public on six centuries of African American history, online encyclopedia of hundreds of famous and lesser known personalities and full-text primary documents and major speeches of black activists and leaders from the 18th Century to the present. There are also links to hundreds of relevant websites.

Kabissa is a pan-African electronic information and resource center for the civil society sector. Offers a website with listings of NGOs by country, area of interest, and electronic bulletin board, and capacity-building training in use of communication technology. Has US support offices in Washington, DC and Bainbridge Island, WA.

Berne Declaration is a Swiss NGO established in 1968, that engages in research, public education and advocacy work about the operations and worldwide impact of Swiss multinational corporations. Program focus areas include health, agriculture, international trade, finance, intergovernmental relations, the garment industry, and more. Materials in French, German, and English.

OneWorld US is part of the OneWorld network of NGOs, development-oriented news services, foundations, and research institutions, offering news and views on a range of global issues considered to be of the greatest interest to a U.S. audience. Content is provided by network member partners that share common concerns of promoting peace and justice in their communities and worldwide. Partners are also offered technical assistance to further communication about their own work.

Foreign Interest is an online news magazine started in 2006, focusing on international issues from a local and international perspective. FI's publisher Sherry Harbert of Portland, OR aims to connect the two for a better understanding of the people and events that shape the world. It is a work in progress, so check back for new features.

The Global Issues website is written in a newsletter/article format by a sole volunteer who has an international background, formal training in computer science and a keen interest in the state of the world, which he has dedicated to share with readers everywhere. The site contains over 500 articles and 7000 links, and is updated approximately monthly.

Corporations and Health Watch has launched this site offering information and resources on the health impact of decisions in the automobile, alcohol, firearms, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries and on advocacy campaigns that seek to change health-damaging corporate practices.

Fascinated by facts, or looking for any type of data on countries and US states? The NationMaster and StateMaster websites should be a big help. These websites cull data from a wide range of public and private sector sources, and one can create searches of range of categories, generate charts and tables, maps, etc. NationMaster focuses on individual nations and comparisons between nations. StateMaster does the same for US states. The content may not always have the depth needed for specialized research, but I have found StateMaster, for example, far easier to use than the Census Bureau's Data Ferret. Advertising banners can be distracting.

Those interested in in-depth information about any aspect of health and healthcare in US states, and comparative data, will find the Kaiser Family Foundation's State Health Facts website to be an invaluable resource.

WA State Coalition for International Education is a network of "individuals and organizations committed to preparing all students for today's interconnected world." The Coalition hosts an informative website on issues and actives, and sponsors a variety of programs for both educators and the public. See their website ( for a complete calendar of events, links to local and national resources, and much more.

The Internationalist e-zine and print magazine is a new venue for international news and views published in Puget Sound. Started by college students, it covers popular culture, current events, and features blogs by its contributors. The Internationalist is the name shared by a daily website and a quarterly print magazine, both of which are published by the Internationalist Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Both are written, edited and designed by a team of college students and recent grads who intend to make you laugh about, explore, and dissect the world on micro and macro levels.

Seattle Works (, a community service connector organization for 20- and 30- somethings in Seattle. They're a great outlet for people who like to volunteer, offering one-time to long-term opportunities to get involved in community service projects and civic affairs.

Just Cauz ( targets the same demographic group, offering affordable entertainment in the form of social events that are fund raisers for community charitable organizations, as well as opportunities to volunteer for youth mentoring projects.

City of Bellevue list for on programs and events related to diversity and social issues. For more information about the Cultural Diversity Program check out

Young Professionals International Network (YPIN) is a program of the World Affairs Council that provides people in their 20s and 30s with professional and social opportunities to discuss and learn more about critical world issues. Whether you are a seasoned global citizen or would like to become one, YPIN offers you a community engaged in substantive programs that broaden international awareness in our region and beyond.
Please contact us at
Website for World Affairs Council:

LASevents e-newsletter of the UW Latin American Studies information and events list . Bi-monthly emails include LAS-related campus & community events, news, jobs, grants and funding, conferences & local, national and international internship opportunities. To join, follow instructions at:

Global Health Resource Center list from UW. This list is intended as a tool to share information about global health activities, events, programs and courses, as well as, funding and job opportunities. Subscribers will receive a summary of messages that have been sent to To subscribe, visit webpage at:

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Dear Returned Peace Corps Volunteer:

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, you have a lifetime eligibility for reduced-cost graduate school through Peace Corps Fellows/USA, regardless of when you served.

Fellows/USA works with more than 30 universities that offer financial assistance to RPCVs who wish to earn advanced degrees in a variety of subjects. Peace Corps Fellows work in paid professional internships in underserved U.S. communities.

Take advantage of this educational benefit! For more information or to request a program catalog contact:

Peace Corps Fellows/USA
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Phone 202-692-1440 or
1-800-424-8580, ext. 1440
Fax 202-692-1421

Want a better job? Try grad school.
University of Washington -- Seattle, WA

The Evans School of Public Affairs at University of  Washington offers a Master's in Public Administration that is designed for present and future leaders of the public and nonprofit sectors. The program emphasizes  broad-based public policy analysis and management knowledge, while students pursue one or more  specialized policy fields. Emphasis areas include International Affairs, Environmental Policy, Education and Social Policy; there is also a certificate program 
in International Development Policy and Management.

For more information, contact:
Evans School of Public Affairs
109 Parrington Hall, Box 353055
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3055